Land transport in Central Africa

Our fleet of vehicles consists of several high-performance trucks in perfect condition. Their comfortable cabins offer optimal working conditions to the drivers …

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Experience in the field

Since 2013, we have been providing reliable, fast and secure commercial transportation services throughout Central Africa. Our customers are satisfied with our services.

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National and International Transport

To better serve you and meet your expectations as soon as possible the al rayane group is established in many cities, our transport and logistics services cover all the CEMAC area.

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Our Services

Al Rayane operates land transport in Central Africa with headquarters in N’Djamena in Chad and branches in Cameroon (Douala and N’Gaoundéré).

We provide the following services.

Commitments of the company

AL Rayane is committed to several levels of guarantee

All of our employees are committed to a quality approach to guarantee the permanent improvement of our services.

we respect our delivery times

we ensure the safety and traceability of your products. At any time, we can tell you the position of your goods.

Our entire fleet is subject to strict rules regarding presentation and maintenance.

Xx M2 of warehouses 10 motor vehicles and 10 semi-trailers


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DANGOTE CEMENT transport contract (September 2018)


Future partnership with AMADORA

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